Saturday 24 October 2009

Going Rogue Rouge

Even we down in the Antipodes are starting to hear noise from the publicity machine that is grinding away in these glorious days pre-publication of Sarah Palin's memoir, Going Rogue, not released until November 17 2009 in the US. Interesting that the List Price is $28, while the Preorder Price is $9. It is currently ranked #2 at Amazon, and the Guardian claims that preorders for her book knocked Dan Brown's latest from the #1 spot at one stage.

Wow, just going to that page to get that Amazon link, I saw three shocking little words that never should have been grouped together Sarah Palin (Author). I personally would have been happier with Sarah Palin (Threat to World Stability). I think even I'll start taking to the streets again in protest if she ever gets elected to any American position with any scent of world power.

Of course as with anything involved Sarah Palin there will be two rather diametrically opposed camps. The spoofers are well-prepared and have several books ready to go. I do hope that even far flung places get a chance to buy Going Rouge, The Sarah Palin Colouring and Activity Book.

Man that's funny. Possibly the funniest American political satire since those good ol' boys at Jib Jab tickled my funny bone in 2004.


Sue T said...

2 posts in a month! Good for you Louise. And boy, is she one scary lady. I do like the spoof though.

Louise said...

I know, I'm positively on fire!

Hannah said...

That's hilarious! It reminds me of the George W. Bush and family paper doll kit I bought in San Diego, purely for the hilarity of the paper doll of him in his underwear. (It was a toss-up between his one and Nixon's...)