Monday, 31 July 2017

How to Organize Just About Everything

So, I'm still going through my downsizing/decluttering phase. I'm watching lots of youtube videos on decluttering and minimalism, even though Minimalism isn't particularly my goal, I do find them helpful and inspiring. Somewhere along the line I came across Peter Walsh's name. It rang some faint bells from my Oprah watching past. Indeed I had read one of his other books, It's All Too Much at some stage (see my Goodreads review). Clearly that attempt didn't work, and I'm having another crack at it, and making a much better go of it. But decluttering seems to be a bit like giving up smoking (not that I ever needed to do that because I never actually started), you just need to keep having another go.

This book is completely bizarre. I'm really not sure who it was written for as in trying to cover "Everything", the more useful every day topics are lost amidst all the rest. I don't expect that I'll ever need to Fight an Ebola Outbreak, Become a Cowboy or Defend Against a Hostile Takeover but if I did I doubt that I would ever end up with this book in my hands. It's trying to do too much, be everything to everyone and we all know that you can't do that. 

It does have some more relevant sections for me though. Mainly the beginning of the book- Get Organised, Get Rid of What You Don't Want and Live with Less. I have been thinking about this quite a bit over the past few months and I don't think that I learned anything particularly different, although some of the Youtube channels that I watch cite Peter's methods, and then I skimmed through the rest of it. And you never know if I ever do need to Plan an Invasion or Organize a Recall then I know where to look. Or Deal with Amnesia, oh wait, how will I remember?

I've now found that Peter Walsh has his own Youtube channel so I'll check out some of that too, to keep the decluttering fire burning. 


Brona said...

Is young master Wicker on board with the decluttering or would a section on motivating teenagers be useful here?

Louise said...

Young Master Wicker is most definitely not on board with this project. I suspect the section on motivating teenagers is left out for good reason- noone has ever managed to get them to do what they don't want to do....